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Many students have graduated with the skills of people management in different areas from the Samuel Curtis Johnson graduate school of management. It is imperative for every person to take issue of education sincerely. This is exactly the reason why several students prefer to go to an international institute, which gives them all the knowledge that they require in their chosen field of expertise. As a student of the Samuel Curtis Johnson graduate school of management, you profit from the understanding and knowledge of an outstanding faculty. You get to work alongside them, and with your colleagues, in a collaborative and passionate community. You engross yourself in a general learning experience.

The student clubs in this management school offers plentiful prospects to apply your skills. Consistently rated as one of the foremost B-schools in the world, this school is renowned by its avant-garde teaching, affectionate and all-encompassing community experience, small class extent, outstanding job placements, intensely steadfast alumni, global flavor, and established leadership in signing up minorities as well as women. Graduates of SC Johnson graduate school of management consistently do well in every business and region in the world.

The Samuel Curtis Johnson graduate school of management is rather small with a forthcoming and accommodating, solidarity ethic and a dedication to business education that is gamely relevant to the real world. Even though it is a tad isolated, the Samuel Curtis Johnson graduate school of management, geographical seclusion has not averted it creating international associations, particularly with Japan; and around a third of the students arrive from outside the US. The business school is intimately linked to its parent, the esteemed Ivy League Cornell University; furthermore students are encouraged to get benefitted of the variety of courses presented by the university as a whole.

The course programs of the Samuel Curtis Johnson graduate school of management combine severity as well as suppleness. The first-year foundation includes assimilation between practical areas and a profound stress on financial study, case study, and strategic issues. Also integrated in the foundation curriculum is the growth of leadership, team construction, strategic thoughts, and communication expertise. One key illustration of this orientation is the Integrative Case contest, which necessitates students to integrate materials covered throughout the semester and apply that information to an intricate business problem. Groups of students talk about a real-life case study and devise a strategy presenting their case to a board of judges. This competition, which is a component of the Managerial Finance and Strategy foundation courses, adds up to the students’ ultimate course grades.

The Samuel Curtis Johnson graduate school of management has a student body with around one-third overseas students, innumerable prospect for classroom learning in global business, and an affluence of international activities. The broad range of courses in international issues features well-known guest speakers from all around the globe.

Conferences, extracurricular symposia, as well as speaker programs take the best international executives to the campus; activities like the International Week present unofficial community settings for learning in addition to networking. Students have chances to be present at internationally oriented conferences, and some student clubs are devoted to regional as well as international issues.

  • Established: 1946
  • Type: Private
  • Dean: Soumitra Dutta
  • Students: 800
  • Location: Sage Hall Cornell University Ithaca, NY 14853-6201, United States of America

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